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OneStat.co.uk ranks as the top provider of website analysis software. 

OneStat.co.uk ranks as the top provider of website analysis software. OneStat.co.uk is trusted by thousands of web-savvy businesses including Thomas Cook, HP Cornell University, FujiFilm, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and FujiFilm. This software helps increase sales, improve conversions, and reduce marketing costs. Website optimization , Website monitoring Provide a better level of service to customers and partners.

OneStat.co.uk is the leading provider of real-time web analysis and has been the standard for website analytics. OneStat.co.uk is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It has developed technology that’s much more accurate than traditional log file analysis. It’s browser-based and much more reliable than log file analysis.

OneStat.co.uk currently has over 75,000 subscribers in more that 100 countries. OneStat.co.uk, a privately owned and profitable company, is located in the United States. It operates in the rapidly growing ASP (application services provider) Web analytics market.

OneStat web analytics should be chosen by potential customers:
1. OneStat’s web analytics services are very affordable compared to other providers
2. Hosted service means no hardware is required. Updates are included
3. All reports are available in real-time, so they are always up to date when you log in

4. All reports and scaleable website analysis are available in your own time.

5. There are no log files to process or detect visitors based cookies, ip addresses and browser string
6. Great customer service included
7. Web analytics provider that is reliable and independent for over 75,000 customers around the world.

OneStat.co.uk proudly joins the Web Analytics Association as a corporate member. The Web Analytics Association, a professional non-profit organization, is dedicated to improving the understanding of Web Analytics through education and advocacy. For more information, please visit http://www.webanalyticsassociation.org.  

Internet entrepreneurs who are creative, experienced and have the technical and commercial knowledge to realize the company’s goals and mission statement. Niels Brinkman is one of the founders. He has a Bachelor’s degree from Northern Arizona University and the Haarlem Business School in International Management, as well as a MBA in International Management from a private Swiss business school.

He was a media & internet professional in New York City USA, and in the Netherlands. This included WorldOnline / Tiscali International which is one of the most important ISPs in Europe. He was responsible for the development of the company’s new eCommerce strategy and the building of relationships with top eCommerce partners. Niels Brinkman was responsible for creating business models and setting up high-traffic websites to support some of the most well-known artists and bands in the world, such as U2, Shania Twain, Bob Dylan, and Sting.

OneStat.co.uk’s web analytics services are available to all Internet properties. Our website visitors reports are constantly updated and provide information about key web-site metrics that will help our customers improve their website’s structure, increase traffic, and increase their profits. Your visitors become customers.